is there really a best language or framework


A question that I see pop up a lot in developer forums is
"What is the best language/stack for my project?"
and usually, the replies are people spamming their favourite language or framework. Are they right? Is that really the best stack for that project? This brings up an interesting question - is there really a "best-fit" choice when it comes to software development?
Fundamentally all languages and frameworks can be boiled down to being represented on the performance & experience line, where performance is the overall performance of the program including memory usage, time, etc.. and experience is the development time and overall developer experience.
It's hard to think of a language that fares well in terms of both performance and developer experience. Python is an amazing language in terms of developer experience but isn't the most performant, Rust, on the other hand, is highly performant but isn't the most intuitive and can take a while to develop a meaningful and intricate application.
JavaScript interestingly lies in the middle of the line, it is not the most performant but it surely does better than Python and it is also much more intuitive compared to Rust. So is JavaScript the perfect language?
Probably not. In the end, both performance and developer experience are equally important and it really comes down to factors like the deadline to meet and the development team's experience with the language or stack, making the argument of the best language or stack sound quite stupid.